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When you are, or are about to be, charged with a crime you have rights and you have options. Immediately you are called on to assert or to waive your rights. Without knowledge of your rights under the law and the state and federal constitutions you may be deprived of your rights and you may lose your options.

Speak to the police or assert your right to remain silent? Consent to a search of your car, your home or your person, or decline? Engage a lawyer to proactively protect your interests or wait to see what happens? Plead guilty or not guilty? Is it best to plead guilty and take the sentence you get? Will jail or prison be required? Will there be a fine or property forfeiture? Will you be required to register as a predatory or sexual offender? What rights will be lost by the conviction?  Will you lose your right to possess a gun, to vote, to leave the country? Will there be probation and what restrictions on your freedom will be imposed? What if you cannot comply with the terms of probation? How will the conviction affect your education, your career, your employment?


What advantage is gained by a plea of not guilty? How do you make sure your case is heard by a different judge? Could the police and prosecutor be prevented from using information gained as a result of unlawful questioning, unlawful stop and search of an automobile or a warrantless search of a home? If a warrant was issued was it based upon false information provided by the police? Was the warrant lawfully issued? Were you lawfully arrested and if not what advantage can be gained? What mistakes were made by the police? How do you discredit a police witness? How do you show a jury the alcohol testing was not fair?


What does proof beyond a reasonable doubt really mean? Are you really presumed innocent? Should the case be tried to a jury and if so what are the odds of a not guilty verdict? How do you select a jury? What are the alternatives? What will it cost? Does your lawyer have the experience necessary to do the job?

"Protecting your rights, your freedom, your future."


answered 24 hours

The attorneys at Aaland Law have been answering these questions and litigating criminal cases for more than 20 years. You have rights, you have options. In most cases your rights are unknowingly waived and your options limited if you do not act promptly to protect your interests. Call us. Call us before you talk to the police, before you consent to a search, before you enter a plea, before you waive your right to a jury, before you waive your right to a court of record or to contest the lawfulness of the police conduct, before you get stuck in the wrong court.